Hikaru Tsukino – One Page Biography

Hikaru 1

The file below is a one page biography for a character named Hikaru Tsukino. The character is from Eternal Hour, a conceptual Japan-set visual novel. Hikaru is arguably the closest thing the novel has to a female lead, as she is the protagonist’s most notable love interest (in that he shows immediate interest in her). The protagonist, Yasu Fujimoto, interacts with her several times throughout the story and can eventually puruse a relationship with her.

The Hikaru artwork included in this post was done by Ngô Gia Thuận AKA Katou Shinobu.

Hikaru Tsukino Character Biography (1 Page)


Eternal Hour – Script Sample

The file below is a two page writing sample. The contents are for Eternal Hour, a conceptual Japan-set visual novel. The script is from an early scene, in which the main character, Yasu, interacts with his aunt and one of his friends from school. The goal is to attempt to give exposition without being too awkward, shooting for a more naturalistic style. Dialogue in italics is meant to be narration on behalf of the protagonist.

Eternal Hours Chapter 1 – Sample

Sorakos – Two Page History Outline

The file below is a two page writing sample. The contents are for Sorakos, a fictional fantasy world. The outline describes the recorded history of the world in brief, using a series of eras (similar to the real world with eras such as the Renaissance and the Middle Ages) to help separate the history.

Sorakos History Outline – 2 Pages

Pulsonic Laser – One Page Artifact Outline

The file below is a one page, two paragraph outline for Pulsonic Lasers, a science fiction concept for a focused energy weapon. Based on real world concepts of ultrasound and lasers, the Pulsonic Laser was not created with any specific source material in mind but rather to serve as a potentially-feasible sci-fi weapon and tool for the genre in general.

Pulsonic Laser Artifact Outline – 1 Page

First Meeting – One Page Short Story

The file below is a one page writing sample. The file is a short story from proposed game Busterman. The plot follows the player character ideally in the first moments of the game and is meant to introduce the character’s mindset. The gender is left ambiguous to allow for the possibility of customization, as is appearance.

Busterman – First Meeting