Pulsonic Laser – One Page Artifact Outline

The file below is a one page, two paragraph outline for Pulsonic Lasers, a science fiction concept for a focused energy weapon. Based on real world concepts of ultrasound and lasers, the Pulsonic Laser was not created with any specific source material in mind but rather to serve as a potentially-feasible sci-fi weapon and tool for the genre in general.

Pulsonic Laser Artifact Outline – 1 Page


Hiryuu – One Page Artifact Outline


The file below is a one page artifact description for Hiryuu, the magic sword belonging to the character Sazaku Hayato. The sword is from from Parable of the Arrow, a free-form roleplaying adventure set in the collaboratively-designed world of Solest. The sword is one of the first magical weapons to appear in the story and remained a prolific weapon in the tale. The artifact article is one of three articles available, Sazaku’s page and a short story about his past also featured.

The artwork included in this post was done by Alex Kolesar.

The official Solest wiki can offer more insight into the world of Solest.

Hiryuu Artifact Outline – 1 Page