Eternal Hour: Golden Hour (Free Prequel Game!)

Development on Eternal Hour is going well. This has kept me quite busy, which is why my posts have been few and far between. However, I am happy to reveal that Eternal Hour’s prequel, Golden Hour, is available for free on Steam.


The prequel, created due to overwhelming support on Kickstarter, offers two short tales: one about Rin Fujimoto, the other about Yasu Fujimoto. Yasu is Eternal Hour’s protagonist, and Rin is his aunt, who is also his guardian. Rin’s story shows how she came to be Yasu’s guardian, while his offers a taste of the mysteries to come after what is, initially, just some silly fun with his friends. While there isn’t too much depth to either story, the ending for each will be a bit different based on some of the choices made.

Big thanks to everyone at Seventh Heart Studios who worked on the game, as well as Sekai Project for their publishing support.