Open Fire – Systemic Writing Sample

The following are 24 different ways for a character to order their subordinates to open fire with their weapons. It’s a systemic writing sample meant to show how to make the mundane sound interesting through variety.

  1. “Open fire!”
  2. “Fire!”
  3. “Light ’em up!”
  4. “Shoot!”
  5. “Unload!”
  6. “Empty your clips into them!”
  7. “Unleash hell!”
  8. “Rain death!”
  9. “Blast them!”
  10. “Execute them!”
  11. “Blow them apart!”
  12. “Ventilate them!”
  13. “Tear them to pieces!”
  14. “Rip them to shreds!”
  15. “Drop the hammer!”
  16. “Murder time!”
  17. “Pick them apart!”
  18. “Plug them!”
  19. “Pull triggers, now!”
  20. “Bring them down!”
  21. “Throw lead!”
  22. “Pull your triggers!”
  23. “Bullet barrage, now!”
  24. “Bag them up!”

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