Reloading – Systemic Writing Sample

The following are 20 different ways for a character to say that they’re reloading. It’s a systemic writing sample meant to show how to make the mundane sound interesting through variety.

  1. “Reloading!”
  2. “Gonna reload.”
  3. “Reloading my weapon.”
  4. “Out of ammo, reloading!”
  5. “Gotta put in a new clip!”
  6. “Putting in a new magazine!”
  7. “Gotta reload.”
  8. “Gun’s dry, gonna refill.”
  9. “Outta bullets, putting more in.”
  10. “Chamber’s empty, addressing that.”
  11. “Putting in more bullets.”
  12. “Locked and loading!”
  13. “Adding more bang for my buck.”
  14. “Refilling my weapon.”
  15. “Gotta add more lead to my weapon.”
  16. “New mag, loading up!”
  17. “Fresh rounds, coming in hot!”
  18. “Need to reload, doing so now!”
  19. “My dragon needs fresh teeth!”
  20. “Making a lead sandwich, just preparing to spread.”

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