Sazaku Hayato – One Page Biography

Sazaku Hayato

The file below is a one page biography for a character named Sazaku Hayato. The character is from Parable of the Arrow, a free-form roleplaying adventure set in the collaboratively-designed world of Solest. While not the central character of the resulting story, Sazaku was none the less very important, having an arc that saw his attempts to make up for a brief, simple mistake in his past, as well as deal with the the politics of his people as, through all that he faces, he finds himself falling in love with a woman that, for political reasons, he cannot marry. The biography is one of three articles posted, a page detailing his magic sword Hiryuu also available along with a short story detailing his backstory.

The Sazaku artwork included in this post was done by Alex Kolesar.

The official Solest wiki can offer more insight into the world of Solest.

Sazaku Hayato Character Biography (1 Page)


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